Volunteer termination letter and the sample 

If you want to terminate your volunteer in any organization, you need to arrange a Volunteer termination letter. This letter will explain the reason why you want to terminate your volunteer role. In other words, this letter will help you to terminate without any problem for the organization.

What is a Volunteer termination letter? 

The Volunteer termination letter template is a letter that is used to inform an establishment in which you have been volunteering that you will not be able to continue working with the organization and reduce your service for them.

What is the importance of a Volunteer termination letter?

This letter is essential because it will keep your relationship with the organization well although you want to terminate. Therefore, you need to arrange this letter effectively to convey the decision to the superior. This letter will be the best service for the purpose.

How to write a Volunteer termination letter 

Writing this letter is not too difficult especially when you understand the role of this letter. Gaining this purpose, you can follow some steps below to write a Volunteer termination letter form easily.

  • You need to write this letter with a formal style and ensure to keep a positive tone throughout the letter
  • Write the necessary details about the reason for the termination should be clearly stated
  • You must mention the reason for the termination of your volunteer work, the date from which you wish to stop, and the service

The tips to write a Volunteer termination letter 

Besides, your Volunteer termination letter format also will be interesting if you apply some tips below to make it easy to read.

  • The letter should be written with proper respect because any rude language should not be used
  • The letter also needs to briefly write and precisely where the date of the termination should be mentioned properly
  • Make it simple and proofread after you write the letter

The Volunteer termination letter sample 

Furthermore, you also need the Volunteer termination letter sample that can be used as your reference. Here is the sample:

Dear Marcus, 

Thank you for demonstrating willingness that helps me, abused children, by becoming a volunteer at Cheerful Heaven Children. We truly appreciate the hours you have dedicated to the organization. As you know, we require each volunteer to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week mentoring our clients. 

Please be assured this letter is not a negative reflection on you and your dedication to helping those I need. I am fully aware that you have been unable to meet your volunteer responsibility due to a family emergency.

I hope you understand that as a director for this organization, I must put the needs of the clients before personal sentiment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me at 777-889-9990. I hope that your absence from Cheerful heaven Children is a short one. Thank you for helping us to make a difference in the lives of children and adults impacted by manipulation. 



Adam Parkinson

Director of Volunteer 

Cheerful Heaven Children 

That is all about the Volunteer termination letter. It is not difficult as long as you understand this letter as well.


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