New Real Estate Agent Announcement Letter and Its Sample

When a realtor just starts out, he/she has to establish him/herself and start earning money. Here, what to do is to send a new real estate agent announcement letter to family, friends, & colleagues. This kind of letter informs one’s new venture. It also aims to stimulate word-of-mouth referrals.

How to Make a New Real Estate Agent Announcement Letter

Even though this is an informal letter, you still need to create this kind of letter and send it to your family, friends, & colleagues. Writing such a letter can be done easily. You just need to follow the step by step below:

  • First of all, you have to address the letter by mentioning the first name of the recipient.
  • After that, you can start writing the first paragraph by providing info about where an agent works.
  • Then, what you will need to write is a few details related to the company.
  • Next, you are also required to provide contact details for future reference.
  • In the end, do not forget to state your name with signature.

Tips for Writing a New Real Estate Agent Announcement Letter

It is very important to know how to write such a letter correctly although the format of the letter is somewhat informal. So, you will need to consider the following important & useful tips below:

  • First, this letter must be addressed clearly.
  • Besides that, you also have to maintain it professional even though it is not a formal letter. In fact, this is a serious announcement.
  • Then, make sure that you include all the important information to this letter.
  • In addition, you should use good grammar, avoid ambiguous sentences, and keep it simple & concise.

New Real Estate Agent Announcement Letter Sample

If you want to write such a letter, it is better to pay attention to the following example first:

Dear Bobby,

I’m writing this to let you know that I joined the Big Boss Real Estate recently as a brokering agent. Here, I serve people like you who want to buy real estate either as a potential investment or for personal use.

Big Boss Real Estate belongs to the leading companies of real estate provider here. Recently, they are on the top rank of brokering firms in this area. So, it is an honor for me to represent the company. In my new job position, I hope to draw on the previous experience as a mortgage broker to help potential purchasers to find the right property, understand various kinds of mortgages, etc.

I’m enclosing my own business card with a referral sheet to pass along to any people you know who may be interested in purchasing or selling property here. If you want to contact me, you can call at (111)-111-1111 or send email to



That is all about a new real estate agent announcement letter. If you want to write this kind of letter, you can use the detailed steps, important tips, and a simple example above for your reference.



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