CPA Client Termination Letter and Its Sample

A CPA provides a valuable service to companies or organizations. There are times when a CPA wants to disengage from the CPA-client relationship. A CPA client termination letter is required to end the relationship and avoid potential liability. You should also request a return receipt.

How Do You Fire a CPA Client?

In this case, you have to send a registered or certified letter stating your intent to terminate the relationship. As long as you have a record of receipt, you don’t have to explain why you terminate the relationship. However, giving an explanation is also allowed.

How Do You Terminate a CPA Client Service?

You have to keep calm, polite, and rational. Then, give reasons for the relationship termination if needed. The most important thing is that you have to keep emotion & name-calling out of the conversation. You may also use a phone.

How to Make a CPA Client Termination Letter

Here is how to write a letter for a CPA client termination:

  • First of all, greet the recipient politely.
  • After that, give thanks to the client and state your intent to terminate the relationship.
  • Then, you may explain the reasons why you terminate it with a real data you have collected.
  • Next, you still need to wish the best for your client.
  • Last but not least, put your signature to end the letter.

Tips to Make a CPA Client Termination Letter

There are a few tips to consider when you write such a letter:

  • You have to keep it clear.
  • Include all the needed details.
  • Follow the proper format.
  • Use good grammar.
  • Pay attention to spelling mistakes.
  • Review it before you send the letter.

CPA Client Termination Letter Sample

A sample of a letter for a termination between a CPA and a client can be seen below:

Dear Mrs. Bilqis,

Thanks for entrusting me as your CPA in a few last years. Our relationship is mutually beneficial. With careful consideration, I accept a position with a CPA company handling large customer accounts. On January 1st, 2020, I’m going to close my independent CPA business to pursue this new career.

I’ll still continue providing your organization with CPA services until December 31st, 2020. I’ll still update & monitor your financial accounting system, prepare your accounting reports, and oversee the company payroll. I’ve sent the original records. You’re in possession of other original do comments.

I urge you to look for the services of another CPA soon. I’ve enjoyed working here for a few years and watching your company develop fast. I’ll be pleased to answer any questions in this matter. Wish you all the best. I hope your company can still grow well and find another professional CPA soon. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Mrs. Cattie

Mars CPA Services, Inc.

That is all about a CPA client termination letter. After understanding on how to write such a letter, you can practice writing it on your own words based on your situation and condition.


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