Fee Agreement Letter and the Template Sample

When two parties agree to construct fee structure for particular services, fee agreement letter is one to make.Since it is one concerning service fee, it would be necessary tomake the letter precisely and properly.Thus, we are here to teach you about the very matter and help make the best agreement letter.

How to Make Fee Agreement Letter

Fee agreement template can be kept simple. Even so, you still need to have it cover the important points of the letter. Here, we will provide you the steps to make one. Just follow them and you should be able to make it yourself. Keep the points in mind while you do it. After all, they are what makes this letter here.

  • Address the recipient of the letter
  • Put a little introduction before going to the point
  • Mention the fees and additions if any
  • Make the scope of work known
  • Add client responsibilities
  • Include information regarding termination
  • Ask for signature if accepted
  • Put the name of the sender and phone number
  • Write the words of acceptance
  • Name both parties involved and date

Tips to Create Fee Agreement Letter

This agreement letter format might be a bit long based on its making procedure above. Rest assured! We’ve got some tips to help so you don’t even miss even the specific details of the agreement. With them, you will make your letter even better. After all, you can’t miss any detail when if comes to this agreement.

  • Cover basic costs and services offered
  • Relate the services more in the scope of work
  • Make any client responsibility clear
  • List termination conditions for on going fees
  • Have disclaimer included
  • Keep everything simple

Fee Agreement Letter Template

Fee agreement sample is provided below. Take it as inspiration and write your own following the procedure while having the tips considered.Feeagreement letter will turn out well then. You’ve got everything you need to know here to make the best one. Let’s get on it and start making your own then.

Dear Mr.Asternfield,

I send this letter in response to our previous meeting. With this, I would like to inform you about the break-up of your partnership.Please have this agreement reviewed and see if everything is as what has been greed upon below.


$3000 will be the cost each month for services that include phone conversations, direct meetings, and appearances to settle things.

Additional fee as much as $200 will be charged per month for research.

Scope of Work:

Winan and Shian Firm will come as your representative in legal meetings including the arbitration and the court if needed.

After all, arbitration is necessary to keep the firm intact and operable. It should take about 6 months at most. Client is expected not to strain the firm as well.

Client Responsibilities:

Since there will be documents that will be requested, everything must be replied within 2 days of time. In-person review will come around each month too, not to mention the arbitration meetings. Client has to be available on all of those occasions.


In case client gets termination notice, current activities will be billed. All works will be put to stop and the documents will be given to the client.

If client agrees on these terms, you are expected to sign this agreement and return the document.

Ruth Asternfield

Winan and Shian Firm


I have reviewed the agreement and gladly accept the terms. The firm won’t be held responsible if specific outcome doesn’t come out.


Ruth Asternfield



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