Resignation in Lieu of Termination Letter and Its Sample

Sometimes, an employer is faced with the task where he/she lets an employee because the employee hasn’t committed a violation of company policy. It may happen if an employee tries to do a great job but it doesn’t meet expectation of the company. Instead of firing him/her outright, the company prefers choosing to let the employee resign. In this case, the company will create a resignation in lieu of termination letter. It protects the work record of the employee. It also helps shield the company from a wrongful termination lawsuit.

How to Make a Resignation in Lieu of Termination Letter

If you want to create this kind of letter, you just need to follow a few simple steps below:

  • Firstly, you have look for a template for this letter that comes with a proper format.
  • Secondly, you can directly complete the format. You can start with letterhead and continued with an introductory paragraph, body, and closing paragraph.
  • Thirdly, you are required to sign off the letter.
  • Fourthly, you should print the letter and send it soon.

Tips for Creating a Resignation in Lieu of Termination Letter

This kind of letter must be written carefully and correctly. So, you should consider a few tips below:

  • Following the proper format is the most important thing.
  • Besides that, you must also use good grammar.
  • Since it is a formal document, you have to keep it polite.
  • In addition, this letter should also be concise and clear.
  • Proofreading is needed to ensure that there is no error or mistake.
  • This letter must be submitted in a printed sheet of paper.

Resignation in Lieu of Termination Letter Sample

If you are looking for a sample for this kind of letter, you can see it below:

Dear Lidya,

A couple months ago, you came a meeting in my company for your yearly employee review. In that meeting, I said that your performance of work didn’t meet the standards of the company. I also informed you about the continuing education program from the company to learn new skills or improve skills. You promised that you were going to do everything to improve. So, you accepted the continuing education offer.

However, we didn’t see your improvement. Therefore, the only option is to end your employment. I appreciate your effort. I want to present you with the chance to resign from our company. So, you will not have a termination on the record of your employment. Just submit your resignation letter before November 1st 2020. In the resignation letter, you can state that you resign. Do not forget to include the effective date of the resignation.

Whatever, you will still receive the last paycheck. It includes payment for your accrued & unused PTO days. The HRD will contact you to discuss it further.


Mr. Albert

That is all about a resignation in lieu of termination letter. You cannot create this kind of letter in a hurry. It must be created with full of considerations.


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