Independent Contractor Termination Letter in Business Running

In some various businesses about a contractor, terminating the independent contractor can be a thing to be done. Well, that is quite reasonable, especially when there is a broken agreement. However, you need to make the independent contractor termination letter to realize it.

Yes, the termination letter is a good way to communicate with the independent contractor. Through the letter, you could mention the reasons for the termination. Besides, the letter also could represent a professional deed of you in managing the business.

Tips to Make a Good Independent Contractor Termination Letter

It can be said that the termination letter is the solution to make better communication. That is why the professional tone should be kept inside the letter. Besides, you also need to write a good message that can deliver the points of termination.

These are some tips that can be a consideration when you want to make it. Some tips to be considered are:

  • Find a template of the independent contractor termination letter to know its format
  • State clear arguments why the independent contractor should be terminated
  • Use a clear sentence to deliver the reasons
  • Keep it brief and concise
  • Make the letter only on a page to keep a good readability

Sample of Independent Contractor Termination Letter

To help you make a good independent contractor termination letter, there is a sample that can be your reference. Finding the sample is quite essential since you could know how to make it and what information should be included.

Read the following sample of the termination letter below.

Dear Mr. Max

After reviewing the total quality of your work over the past two weeks, I decided to terminate our independent contractor agreement that will be effective from October 12, 2011. You will find this letter with the attachment of our agreement.

I have found that the results of your work consistently need repeated edits by our staff. Of course, that is a fact that should be away from our standard. At this moment, there are still several projects of you that should be finished before the day of payment. From this point, we decide that you will not get any new project.

We feel sorry for this condition but for business reasons, professionalism is the core that should be kept. Besides, we also need to make the best matter for the clients, so the company can be improved.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or send a message through email. Your final payment will be processed after the finished projects. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the letter of independent contractor termination. Of course, sending this letter is allowed, especially when you find that the result of the working is different from the agreement.

You may look for different samples just to get more references. However, about the independent contractor termination letter, the point that should be kept is telling the real condition and show a clear reason why the termination should be decided.


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