Dental Insurance Appeal Letter and Sample

There are many kinds of insurance you can make good use of for your needs today. Each company has its own details to cover particular plan. If you think there is problem with your plan, do makedentalinsuranceappealletter to ask for explanation and eventually solution to your problem to your insurance company.

What is Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

Each plan has its own details, indeed. Just as there are things covered, there are things that are not.However, in case the company does not pay what’s covered, that’s where you need to write appeal letter. This is one of dental insurance problems.

How to Make Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

Let’s learn how to make the appeal letter in this section. Depending on the problem you are experiencing, the letter could be short or long. Dentalinsuranceissue is tricky to deal with if you don’t pay attention to details. So, understand yours well beforehand.

  • Address the recipient
  • Mention your appeal clearly
  • Provide facts to back it up
  • Mention the details actually covered
  • Ask for consideration

Tips to Create Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

Remember that procedure won’t get you into the most details of the letter. That is why we need tips to help you with that. Dental insurance claim must be made in detail to begin with. Otherwise, your appeal letter won’t be considered credible for claims.

  • Find out who to send the letter to
  • Put verbiage in coverage booklet
  • Look for copies of your dental records
  • Support your claim as much as possible
  • Include policy, group, and claim numbers

Dental Insurance Appeal Letter Sample

Don’t skip the sample of dentalinsurance appealletter if you want to be able to make your own letter properly. Though you need to eventually write it on your own, this sample will show you the supposed result of the finished letter. Here we go.

Dear Mr. Gionet,

I send this letter to you to appeal denial of my claim number 369. The claim concerns about my root scaling procedure performed on August 7, 2020. The procedure wasn’t actually covered despite being there in your coverage details. I have the page in the booklet copied to prove it and I meet the said circumstance.

As written in the details, the procedure will be covered if there is evidence in loss of soft tissue. I have that very evidence attached along with this appeal letter in the form of x-rays record. Furthermore, my dentist has provided letter explaining the need of root scaling procedure as well. Please considermy dental appeal.

It is definitely covered in the insurance plan and the procedure was actually needed for my dental health. I have all the proofs you need to justify the denial of my claim.For it might be a miss on your part, I wish for your understanding to fix this issue right. I will be forever grateful for your consideration and solution.

Thank you,

Sylvia Teressa

Sylvia Teressa


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