Unemployment Appeal Letter to Claim the Benefits

Sometimes, the manager of the business cut their employee off without giving the benefits as the right of them. When this matter happens to you, the strategy that can be done to claim your benefit is by writing an unemployment appeal letter.

This letter can be sent to the Employment Development Department. This department will consider the denial from the manager and they will try to help you get back your benefit. Of course, to influence the mind of the department, you need to create a clear and convincing letter.

Some Tips to Write Unemployment Appeal Letter

Since the unemployment appeal letter is an important letter you need to know about its details before making it. Only with a good letter that state clear information, your claim can be applied and you will take back your benefits.

These are some tips that should be considered when you want to make this unemployment appeal letter. The tips are:

  • Know what you are appealing, so you could explain the exact condition clearly
  • Find a good template of the unemployment appeal letter, so you could know its format
  • Include the basic inside the appeal letter, such as name, social security number, determination number, and other
  • Keep it on point and use a simple sentence to show your statement
  • Try to know the law

Sample of Unemployment Appeal Letter

Reading a sample of the unemployment appeal letter is also important. The sample can be the consideration of what to be written there and how to manage the detailed information.

We have a good sample of the unemployment appeal letter that you may read below.

Dear Mr. Brown

My name is Jack and through this letter, I am appealing the decision of the manager that unfairly denied my unemployment benefit. Here, I wish to appeal the decision.

I was free from my duties from Charles Law Firm on June 18, 2011. The manager in the law firm said that there was no longer an exact job to be done by me and my position will be eliminated.

I packed my personal needs from the office and I left the firm on the same day. Substantively, I was given a check to have a vacation for around 2 weeks. However, I don’t take it as I was leaving the firm.

The following week ago, from my friend, I heard that the manager hired a new employee to fit my position. Whereas, the manager said that my position is not quite significant in the firm and it can be handled by another person.

 Something that bothers me is the fact that the manager hired his nephew to fill the position. I think that it is such nepotism and it gives some profits by damage other employees. I need your help to clear this problem and to give me the benefits that I should get.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.



The sample of the unemployment appeal letter above can be a reference when you want to have it. The key here is being clear in stating the information, especially about the reason why you need to make this letter.


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